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Our selection of Black, Asian and minority ethnic speakers are paving the way for racial equality. Whether they are discussing the history of discrimination or the everyday racism still prevalent in society, these educators will open your audience’s eyes to the importance of inclusion in society. Our selection includes celebrities, politicians, business leaders and more, who each understand the importance of diversity.

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Featured BAME Speakers

Michael Watson

Former Commonwealth Middleweight Champion Boxer, Awarded an MBE in 2004 for Services to Disability Sport  

Karamo Brown

TV Host, Reality TV Star & Culture Expert On Netflix's 'Queer Eye'

Tayo Oguntonade

Presenter on the BAFTA Award-winning show The Great House Giveaway on Channel 4.

Nicola Adams

Britain’s Most Successful Female Boxer, Featured on the Annual Powerlist of Influential African Brits

Bokani Tshidzu

Featured on BBC Big Painting Challenge Advocate for social and environmental issues. Appeared on BBC's The Big Painting Challenge

Raj Adgopul

TEDx Speaker & Life Coach Who Draws on His Challenging Upbringing in a Poverty-Stricken Village in Central India

How do I Hire a BAME Speaker?

To hire a BAME speaker specialising in racial equality and diversity for your event, simply contact The BAME Speakers Agency either by phone or our online contact form. From there, a member of our team will source a selection of speakers suited to your budget and brief. All you have to do is choose your favourite! We will then manage every element of the booking process, including travel, accommodation and contracts.

How Much Does a BAME Speaker Cost to Hire?

The cost of hiring a BAME speaker can differ depending on your requirements, as well as the speaker’s preferences, qualifications and experience – with the cost ranging between £1000 and £45,000. Whether you require a short Q&A panel appearance or an in-depth keynote speech, the cost of booking a speaker is directly tailored to your event’s needs. As such, the easiest way to find a speaker to suit your requirements is to contact The BAME Speakers Agency. We will supply a selection of options with your unique budget in mind.

Who are the Best BAME Speakers for 2024?

The topics of race, culture and equality were brought to light in 2020, in the wake of the global Black Lives Matter protests. Advocates are continuing to highlight microaggressions and cases of discrimination that defined society for hundreds of years. The best speakers for your 2024 event are experts on race and diversity, who can arm your business with the knowledge needed to build more diverse teams. Take a look at our official selection of the Top 10 BAME Speakers on Racial Equality, today!

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Royal Bank of Scotland
47 %
Of Millennials Consider Diversity When Looking for a Job
95 %
Higher Return on Equity With Diverse Executive Boards
35 %
Increase in Job Roles on Diversity and Inclusion
35 %
Better Performance by Racially Diverse Teams

With their first-hand experiences and valuable perspectives, these speakers aid business owners in their quest for inclusion.

Several studies have discovered the positive impact of diversity in the workplace, with one reporting that inclusive businesses are 35% more likely to perform at an elite level.

From the wellbeing of staff to your company’s potential for success, the countless benefits of racial diversity make our speakers immensely popular.

Key Dates For 2024

Celebrated on the 1st of March every year, Zero Discrimination Day is dedicated to ending inequality for people of colour. To inspire transformative action, the event encourages people to learn about racism and challenge discrimination in their everyday lives. Our BAME speakers are the ideal additions to such occasions, as their anecdotes empower all in attendance.  

On the 20th of March every year, Anti-Racism Day highlights the vital need for equality and understanding in the face of racial discrimination. Business leaders who recognise this day will send a clear message of support to their team, and encourage a culture of inclusivity. BAME speakers are the perfect orators for such corporate conferences. Why not book one of our Top 10 BAME Speakers on Racial Equality? All highly passionate about eliminating racism and encouraging equality throughout society.

Black History Month, an annual event from the 1st to the 31st of October, recognises the role that Black activists and campaigners played in defining today’s society. As Black history is often neglected from educational curriculums, the month highlights events such as the civil rights movement and abolishment of slavery. Conferences arranged to commemorate Black History Month educate audiences on racial equality. Discover our pick of Inspirational Black History Month Speakers Popular for events.

International Day for Tolerance, which is recognised on the 16th of November, promotes a mutual understanding among people of all cultures and backgrounds. The event encourages acceptance in a world defined by discrimination, an essential topic at inclusion conferences and workshops. Our speakers supply valuable guidance on fostering a diverse yet inclusive workplace culture at events.  

Stephen Lawrence Day - 22nd April

Stephen Lawrence was loved by his friends and family and dreamed of becoming an architect. Unfortunately, he was murdered in an unprovoked racist attack, and since then his family have made it their mission to get justice for their son. Ultimately, Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of murdering Stephen, and were delivered life sentences. In 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that there would be a Stephen Lawrence Day held to commemorate Stephen’s Life – celebrated annually on the 22nd of April. The day is centred around creating a society in which everyone can flourish, and the part that each individual plays in creating that society.