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Simple Guide to Booking a BAME Speaker + FAQs

So, you want to book a BAME speaker?

This post will take you through the step by step process to ensure your event is an undeniable success. Our team of event planners have created a simple guide to follow and answered some of the questions we are often asked by clients.

From creating your brief to the benefits of booking a speaker, discover how to book a BAME speaker below.

Step 1 – Create Your Brief

The first step to booking a BAME speaker is to reflect on your occasion. If you require guidance, get in touch with our team of booking agents who will gladly supply their industry knowledge.

Creating a strong brief will make it quick and easy to find the perfect speaker for your occasion, as you will already have a preference in mind. Consider your budget, target audience, and the purpose of your event, as well as whether you require a venue or if the presentation will be held online.

If you already have a speaker in mind, skip to step three and contact a booking agent directly.

Step 2 – Research Potential Speakers

With a comprehensive understanding of your event’s needs, it will be easier to research potential speakers.

We have a diverse list of BAME speakers, making it simple for you to find an engaging orator for your unique event. Each of our profiles presents the speaker’s experiences, discussion topics and videos of them presenting, along with testimonials praising their previous engagements.

We also have passionate speakers for Black History Month events, whose message of equality resonates with all in attendance – do not miss our top pick of Black History speakers for 2021.

Step 3 – Contact Our Team

The final step of the booking process is to contact our team.

Once you have discussed your brief with one of our booking agents, we will then source a selection of speakers for you to choose from, each within your budget. This tailored list will make it quick and simple for you to find the perfect orator.

From there, an agent will manage the remaining logistical factors, including travel and accommodation if required, as well as invoices, contracts and communication with the speaker as standard.

With The BAME Speakers Agency, your event is in safe hands. Our team of experienced booking agents have secured leading experts on racial equality for several years, making us one of the go-to bureaus in the UK. To contact us you can call 0207 1010 553 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a pressing question about booking a BAME speaker? Read our FAQs below.

If you still require clarification, get in touch with a booking agent who will happily answer any of your questions.

How much does a BAME speaker cost to book?

As with all guest speakers, the cost of booking a BAME speaker can differ depending on several factors, including your event’s requirements.

The easiest way to find out more is by contacting our team and discussing your event, as our team can then supply a free quote following the enquiry.

Will the speaker travel for my event?

Many of our speakers are happy to travel for events, so do not feel limited to your local area. Your booking agent will organise travel and accommodation for the speaker, the cost of which will then be added to your invoice.

Whether your chosen speaker lives in the UK or beyond, The BAME Speakers Agency ensure that you have access to a world of talent.

I am organising a virtual event; do you have a BAME speaker suitable?

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, more racial equality speakers than ever were booked, especially for corporate events. As the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the methods in which a speaker could attend an event, many BAME speakers adapted their presentations to fit an online format.

Discuss the style of event you are organising with our booking agents, so they can supply speakers suitable for either an in-person or virtual occasion.

Which topics can a BAME speaker discuss?

Though the BAME speakers featured on this post commonly discuss similar topics, like equality, inclusion and diversity, their unique experiences influence their perspective.

Our most requested speaking topic is diversity and inclusion within the workplace, as more business leaders wish to make equal opportunities standard practice.

By discussing your event’s purpose and target audience during your initial consultation, our booking agents can suggest the perfect speaker for your event.

Why should I book a BAME speaker for my event?

There are several reasons to book a BAME speaker for your event, but arguably the most compelling is their impact on audiences. Their stories of perseverance in the face of discrimination inspire and teach attendees how they can become better allies.

For corporate teams, a BAME speaker will improve representation, discuss the importance of inclusion and instil a sense of belonging that leaves employees of all races empowered. For external conferences on diversity and inclusion, these speakers engage audiences into the thousands with their powerful insight.

3 Reasons to Book a BAME Speaker on Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Inclusive companies see a 2.3 increase in cash flow
  2. Diversity leads to 19% higher innovation revenues
  3. More than 2/3 employment seekers want workplace diversity


Contact The BAME Speakers Agency

To book a BAME speaker for your event, simply contact The BAME Speakers Agency via our online form or call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553.

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