Michael Holding

Featured Speaker – Michael Holding: Cricket Legend & Racial Equality Speaker

World-renowned fast bowler, Black Lives Matter advocate and powerful speaker on racial equality, Michael Holding is a force for positive change. In 2020, the cricketing legend spoke candidly about his experience with discrimination, spurring traction for the #BLM discussion within sport.

When booked for events, Michael can explore multiple topics, from racial equality to his cricket career. Known as the ‘Whispering Death’, his unique insight into sporting success informs audiences, while Michael’s impactful discussion on race in Britain transforms perspectives.

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Who is Michael Holding?

Michael Holding is widely considered to be one of the greatest bowlers in cricketing history. Famed for his fast bowling, the Jamaican born sportsman represented the West Indies over 100 times, a testament to his talent.

With a bowling speed of 97mph, Michael achieved a World Record for the best bowling figures in a Test Match. He was later inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame and The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association Hall of Fame, feats that firmly signed Michael’s name in the sporting history books.


In 2020, Michael gave an emotional speech on Sky Sports, where he recounted his experience with racism. He proudly wore a #BlackLivesMatter pin on the lapel of his jacket, taking a stand against the systemic racism in Britain that plagued his sporting career.

Michael’s speech resonated with people across the globe. Including Black audiences who related to his struggles and White viewers who were called to arms in support, his passionate account had a clear message:

“I hope people will recognise that this [Black Lives Matter] movement is not trying to get Black people above White people or anyone else. It’s about equality. When you hear people say all lives matter, or White lives matter, please, we Black people know White lives matter. We want Black lives to matter now.”

In response to the clip, audiences listened, learned and pledged to make meaningful changes in their own lives. Michael continues to inspire action with his public speeches on racial equality, using his platform as a sportsman to drive the #BlackLivesMatter movement’s message.

‘Why We Kneel, How We Rise’

Following the impact of his Sky Sports speech on racism, Michael wrote ‘Why We Kneel, How We Rise’. Differing from his previous autobiographies and cricketing books, his latest release collates powerful stories from Black athletes, including himself, who have experienced discrimination.

With a “hope for the future and a vision for change”, Michael’s discussion of the historic events that led to today’s systemically racist society educates readers. His book proposes a way forward for Britain, to dismantle damaging biases and celebrate our differences.

A powerful discussion of race, ethnicity and the importance of belonging, Michael’s book ‘Why We Kneel, How We Rise’ is key to meaningful change.

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