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The Official Top 12 Motivational Black Male Speakers

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of influential and motivational Black male role models, who have shaped the world as we know it today. Every day, inspirational Black men contribute extraordinary things to society, and we must recognise and celebrate their achievements. Our Black male speakers are all highly successful in their respective industries, from footballers to historians. They are the perfect fit when looking for a speaker to help commemorate Black History Month, and all year round!

In a world where Black men receive prison sentences 19.1% longer than white men, and the prevalence of symptoms relating to psychosis is 3.2% higher in Black men than in other ethnic groups, we must increase support and achieve equality for the Black community.

We are fortunate to work with some of the most motivational Black men on the speaking circuit, from business moguls to the world’s greatest athletes. Below, we have compiled a list of the official top 12 motivational black male speakers, perfect to help honour Black History Month, achievements of the Black community and eliminate racism.

The Official Top 12 Motivational Black Male Speakers To Book!

George The Poet

George The Poet is an award-winning socio-political poet, who is renowned for his racial equality campaigning and activism surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Winner of five British Podcast Awards, George is the host of Have You Heard George’s Podcast, in which he covers a variety of subjects from the Grenfell Tower disaster to police stops and searches.

With impeccable artistry, George can transform complex current affairs into insightful speeches and is considered a motivational role model to many due to his perceptions of social, economic and political issues.

“The event went really well thank you! We’ve had such great feedback and George did an amazing job sharing the key messages we wanted to focus on. Thanks for your support in getting this organised”Shivam, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator, IHG Hotels and Resorts

John Barnes

Renowned as an iconic Liverpool footballer, John Barnes enjoyed a career as England’s greatest-ever left-footed player. Scoring over 150 goals, and being named the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year, John has marked his name in the history book of football for good – inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

Throughout his career, John has been thought of as a motivational Black role model, having used his prominence to campaign against racism. Dedicated to achieving racial equality in sport, John has authored the book The Uncomfortable Truth About Racism. Having also shared his perceptions and support of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of George Floyd’s death, book John Barnes to motivate your audience to strive for racial equality.

“John was great, and in my opinion jut what we were looking for and more. He was really thought-provoking and quite provocative at times, he utilised simple analogies to help people truly understand the meaning of unconscious bias… A great inspiring choice – thanks for your help and support in organising. Look forward to organising the next event soon!” Claire, Alcon Eye Care

Piers Linney

An accomplished entrepreneur, famed for his role as an investor on Dragon’s Den, Piers Linney is a true inspiration for start-up entrepreneurs across the globe. The visionary behind the #StartUp and #ScaleUp projects, Piers has been named as one of the Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business and one of the 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in Tech.

Formerly the Non-Executive Director of the British Business Bank, and now the Co-Founder of Atherton Bikes and Moblox, Piers is continuing to pioneer the business landscape with revolutionary start-up businesses. Motivating others to follow in his successful footsteps, Piers is also driven to make the world of businesses more diverse, inclusive and equal.

“Piers has had the biggest impact of any speaker that we have hosted in the 3 years since we have been running events… Super-efficient and easy to work with in organising, I wouldn’t hesitate in working with Piers again.”Virgin Startup

Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator, otherwise known as Derrick Evans, is a renowned face of British television. Rising to fame in the 1990s, Mr Motivator is widely remembered for his energetic fitness routines on the popular breakfast TV show, GMTV. Throughout his time on GMTV, Mr Motivator campaigned for various health-related issues – including for the British Heart Foundation and the NHS’ Change4Life.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Motivator took to the screens once more, joining in the efforts to uplift the British public on the BBC’s HealthCheck UK Live. Helping hundreds of people to remain fit and healthy during the pandemic, Mr Motivator also supported people’s mental health with emotional well-being tips. Throughout his career, Mr Motivator has also shared his experience with racism and how he made a name for himself, overcoming hurdles as a Black entertainer during the 90s. When looking for a speaker who will ensure your audience is left feeling highly motivated, book Mr Motivator today!

“The session was absolutely brilliant, thank you for organising! We had fantastic feedback from the group, who all absolutely loved it – great way to start the day. Please do pass on our thanks to Mr Motivator, particularly for being so open and honest about his life and health, it was a really inspiring Q&A (as well as workout).”Ebay

Derek Redmond

1992 was a year that changed Derek Redmond’s life forever, after months of determination and training he made it to the start line of the 1992 Olympic Games 400m. With 250m left to the finish line, Derek was struck by injury, tearing his hamstring, falling to the floor in pain. Despite such adversity, and in the arms of his father, Derek miraculously made it across the finish line. After being told that he could no longer run, Derek has made it his mission to motivate others to succeed, working as Group Performance Director of Thomas International.

Now booked as a motivational speaker, Derek shares his story from the 1992 Olympic Games, and how he overcame adversity and the loss of his athletics career. Derek also uses his prominence to campaign against discrimination, sharing his personal experiences with racism, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and the #isthisyou social media campaigns. If you are looking for a speaker to inspire your audience to overcome adversity, book Derek Redmond today.

“We thought the event was brilliant. Very engaging, tech worked very smoothly and Derek’s stories really struck a chord with our staff. We had c.200 attendees. Feedback from attendees so far has been glowing. Thank you for all your support in arranging!”Maria, Ministry of Defence

Chris Gardner

A real-life rags to riches story, Chris Gardner’s story is truly motivating, going from being homeless to a highly successful stockbroker earning millions. Chris was born with few positive role models in his life, falling victim to physical and mental abuse at the hand of his mother’s partners. Struggling with illiteracy and surrounded by adults fuelled by alcoholism, Chris has overcome great adversity to reach where he is today.

Chris has since enjoyed a successful career as a stockbroker, founding Christopher Gardner International Holdings which is now a multi-million-pound company. Now also working as an inspirational speaker, Chris shares his personal story of bringing his son up homeless and his experiences of racism – having been racially stereotyped and discriminated against. When looking for a speaker whose story will strike emotion in each and every audience member, book Chris Gardner today.

“Chris is a truly gifted speaker, teach and life visionary. I have heard Chris speak many times and each opportunity has left me mesmerised by the power of his observations, his wisdom, and his humanity.”Jan, Executive VP, Caesars

Lord John Taylor

An influential political figure, Lord John Taylor has enjoyed a successful career in the upper echelons of the UK Government. Renowned as the youngest and only Black peer in the House of Lords in 1996, John recounts his experience of racial discrimination and the challenges he faced as a Black professional in a sector with a distinct lack of diversity.

Now Chancellor of Bournemouth University, making headlines as the first Black British person to become chancellor, Lord John Taylor is highly passionate about promoting equality. Empowering audiences to invest in inclusion, John also promotes equality in corporate settings and the importance of equality when future-proofing businesses. When looking for a speaker who has continually broken through glass ceilings as a Black professional, book Lord John Taylor.

“Thank you for your passionate speech on the unacceptable high youth unemployment amongst young black people… Black youth unemployment is hidden under the carpet because they do not have a voice on the political stage. Once again Lord Taylor, thank you.”Colin

Luther Blissett

A former footballer on the England national team, Luther Blissett is renowned as Watford’s all-time top goal scorer, 186 goals, and the record holder for the most appearances for Watford – 503. Awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Watford and named Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Luther has marked his name firmly in the history books of sport. Making headlines as one of the first Black players for the senior England team and the first Black player to score a hat-trick, Luther has used his prominence to raise awareness of racism that continues to exist in football.

A role model for diversity and equality in football, Luther continues to use his platforms to increase diversity not only on the pitch but in the football boardroom, sharing his views on how ‘anyone of any ethnicity should be able to get in the boardroom’. Having also acted as the Manager of Burnham FC, Luther has made many advances in diversity for football and is a fantastic speaker when looking to motivate people to take a stance against racism and discrimination.

“What can I say… Luther was incredible! What a humble, insightful, wise man. In 14 years that I have been involved with MK events, NEVER has the room been so focused, listening so intently, I commented afterwards that you could have heard a pin drop. Some genuinely lovely moments.”Mark, Leap

Lord Simon Woolley

Founding Director of Operation Black Vote, Lord Simon Woolley is renowned for his advocacy for racial equality and his decorated career in British politics. Dedicating his career to addressing the democratic deficit, Simon has spread awareness of inequality in education, healthcare and employment. Formerly the Chair of the UK Government Race Disparity Unit Advisory Group and the Commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Simon is a revolutionary equality campaigner.

Named Baron Woolley of Woodford in the London Borough of Redbridge and awarded a Knighthood for his Services to Race Equality, Simon has proved a powerful figure in increasing diverse talent in the UK, specifically in politics. Named on the Powerlist in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Simon has also been appointed as Principal of Homerton College at Cambridge University – becoming the first Black male to become head of an Oxbridge College. Book Lord Simon Woolley to help motivate continued action against racial discrimination.

Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno had enjoyed a career as a professional boxer, claiming the title of the WBC World Heavy Weight Champion in 1995. With an impressive knockout-to-win ratio of 95%, with a record of 38 knockouts in 40 wins, Frank was appointed MBE for Services to Boxing. After being forced into retirement due to injury, Frank has turned his attention to TV work and advocating for awareness of mental health issues and racial abuse, having personally experienced both.

Author of Frank: Fighting Back and Let Me Be Frank, Frank honestly tells his story of his journey to the top and his battle with his mental health. When booked as a speaker, Frank shares the importance of campaigning for racial equality and motivates corporate audiences to be part of the positive change that is needed in workplaces and society as a whole.

“Frank was charming and professional, everyone thought he was lovely. Please could you pass on our thanks to him for making it a great evening.”Aimee, General Builder

Viv Anderson

The first-ever Black football player to represent England, Viv Anderson has marked his name in the history books of sports forevermore. Playing 30 times for England, Viv also solidified his prominence as a player for teams including Nottingham Forest, Arsenal and Manchester United. Since his retirement in 1995, Viv has dedicated his time to punditry work and advocating for the elimination of racism in football and sport as a whole. Offering a fascinating first-hand account of racism in football, Viv details his career as a Black footballer during the 70s and 80s when racism was rampant.

Reflecting on the power of inclusion and the importance of diversity, Viv motivates all with his trailblazing efforts to increase diversity on the pitch. Author of First Among Equals, Viv has been inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame and is now a Goodwill Ambassador for the FA. When looking for a motivational speaker who will empower action against racial discrimination, book Viv Anderson today.

“Viv was outstanding! He had broad appeal in our firm due to his footballing and ethnic background and people were really commending us for bringing him in. He was very entertaining and everyone loved his war stories and his opinions on diversity in the management of football.”Kenny, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

David Olusoga

An educated historian, David Olusoga has dedicated his career to increasing awareness of Black history. Studying topics including slavery, the British Empire and the Windrush scandal, David shares his knowledge of how systematic racism is still very much prominent in society today. Awarded an OBE for Services to History and Community Integration and named as one of the Most Influential Black Britons, David is one of the most respected voices on Black British history.

Expertly recalling prominent moments in Black history, David also shares his personal experiences of racism. Moving to the UK at just five years old, David and his family fell victim to racist abuse and had their home attacked by the National Front. Overcoming such adversity, David has made it his mission to champion action against all that is wrong in society, and make the achievements of the Black community heard loud and proud. Having played a prominent role in the Black Lives Matter campaigns and advocacy surrounding the murder of George Floyd, David Olusoga is a truly motivational historian and campaigner.

“Thank you David, it was a privilege to have you and hear your personal story. It was our most anticipated and well-attended event as part of our Black History Month initiative at UBS and for good reason! We have received some great feedback from viewers, many citing it as one of the most insightful and impactful sessions they have watched at UBS. So many left the session having learnt something new about Black British history and gained an understanding of the depth of ideas behind racism in society. We’d love to have you back again!” – Joseph, UBS

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