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The 10 Most Prominent Black LGBT+ Speakers To Hire For Pride Month 2023

Without the inspirational Black figures throughout history, the world would not be the same as we know it today. Across the decades hundreds of powerful Black people have battled to achieve equality and advocate for the rights of the Black community, openly sharing their struggles as a marginalised group of society.

Along the course of history, there have also been countless influential Black LGBT+ people who have emerged and tirelessly advocated for their rights within society. Every year, throughout the month of June, the powerful LGBT+ community come together to celebrate Pride Month and the honourable achievements made by the community throughout history. Read our guide below on why you should join forces with the LGBT+ community to celebrate Pride Month and who the most prominent Black LGBT+ speakers to hire for Pride Month 2023.

When Is Pride Month?

Pride Month is celebrated in the month of June, and is celebrated annually. Every year, hundreds of LGBT+ people participate in Pride parades that openly celebrate people’s gender identity and sexuality. Packed with bright, vibrant colours and lively music, Pride Month is a time to celebrate the achievements and the challenges that the LGBT+ community have overcome throughout history.

Pride Month is also a time for LGBT+ allies to show their support, advocating the importance of being an LGBT+ ally and championing an inclusive society for all no matter their gender identity or sexuality.

Why Is Pride Month Celebrated?

Throughout history, the LGBT+ community have been marginalised and discriminated against. With one in five LGBT+ people having experienced a hate crime, Pride Month and LGBT+ awareness days aim to put a stop to prejudice by celebrating the achievements that have been made by the community and raise awareness of the discrimination they continue to face. With seven in ten British people supporting the LGBT+ community, Pride Month is celebrated throughout society, by all ages.

Source: Stonewall

Does LGBT+ Discrimination Continue to Exist?

Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice towards the LGBT+ community continue to exist. It is vitally important that people become LGBT+ allies and celebrate LGBT+ awareness days to ensure that we continue to stamp out inequality and discrimination against marginalised groups.

Discrimination Statistics:

  • 13% of LGBT+ people have experienced some form of unequal treatment from healthcare staff due to the way they identify.
  • One in ten LGBT+ people has faced domestic abuse from a partner.
  • 35% of LGBT+ staff have hidden their sexuality or gender identity at work for fear of discrimination.
  • 26% of trans people aren’t open with anyone at work about being trans.
  • 47% of LGBT+ disabled students have been the target of negative comments or conduct from other students.
  • 64% of LGBT+ people have experienced anti-LGBT+ violence or abuse.
  • 34% of Black, Asian or ethnic minority LGBT+ people have experienced a hate crime or incident, compared to 20% of white LGBT+ people.
  • Only one in eight LGBT+ people reported hate crimes and incidents to the police.

Source: Stonewall

With such shocking statistics, it is vitally important that people continue to support and advocate for the LGBT+ community to improve inclusion and equality across society.

Why Should I Hire A Black LGBT+ Speaker?

Throughout history, the Black LGBT+ community have been widely discriminated against. During Pride Month, hire a Black LGBT+ speaker to make their voice heard, and give them a platform to share their experiences and the history of LGBT+ discrimination. Unsure of who you should hire to help you celebrate Pride Month 2023? Take a look at our selection of the 10 most prominent Black LGBT+ speakers to hire for Pride Month 2023!

Dame Kelly Holmes

Topping our list is the honourable Dame Kelly Holmes, who recently made headlines when she announced that she was gay after spending 34 years living in silence, scared to reveal her true identity. Having formerly worked as an HGV Driver in the British Army, Kelly hid her sexuality due to homophobia in the forces. Now, Kelly uses her prominence as a successful athlete as a means of advocacy, using her platform to create awareness of the importance of inclusion and allyship.

Now the Founder of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Kelly is on a mission to help younger generations from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is also working on the Being Me documentary, in which she will be speaking with LGBT+ soldiers to discover their experience of being gay in the military in opposition to her experience. When looking for an inspirational Black LGBT+ speaker, make Dame Kelly Holmes your first port of call.

“Dame Kelly Holmes is extremely inspirational and motivational. She should be commended for being such an approachable, down to earth and charming person who achieved such extraordinary things. An excellent day and superb guests, especially Kelly who made many people’s day in 20CS.”BP

Nicola Adams

Widely regarded as Britain’s most successful female boxer, Nicola Adams obliterated glass ceilings when she claimed Gold at the 2012 London Olympic Games in the flyweight class. Four years later, Nicola impressively retained her title, claiming another Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Gripped by her powerful and inspirational presence, Nicola once again captured the attention of the public in 2020 when she took to the stage as part of the first same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing. Openly Lesbian, Nicola is a true role model to the LGBT+ community, often seen in media broadcasts alongside her partner, Ella Baig, speaking on how they deal with hate as an LGBT+ couple.

In reward of her influence as an LGBT+ role model, Nicola was named no.1 on The Independent’s 101 Most Influential LGBT People in Britain list in 2012 and no.1 on the DIVA Power List of the Most Eminent Lesbian and Bisexual Women in 2016. Appointed MBE for Services to Boxing, Nicola once again made headlines when she welcomed her first child via IVF with Ella. If you are looking to be inspired to obliterate glass ceilings, don’t hesitate in hiring Nicola Adams as an LGBT+ speaker for Pride Month today!

“Fantastic! Nicola was open, honest and inspiring. It went amazingly well and we can’t wait to have her back.”Macquarie Group Services

Colin Jackson

Two-time World Champion, Colin Jackson solidified his name in the Great British history books with his impressive performances as one of the most successful hurdlers of all time. Undefeated in the European Championships for an outstanding 12 years, Colin finished his illustrious career as the world record holder for the 110m hurdles and with an incredible 21 medals. His talent as an athlete was not the only reason he found himself in the spotlight, coming out as gay in a clip on Swedish television promoting the series ‘Rainbow Heroes’.

Since coming out as gay, Colin has used his prominence as a successful athlete to advocate for LGBT+ awareness and acceptance. Having initially hidden his sexuality for fear of the discrimination he would face, Colin supports others who fear being open about their sexuality or gender identity. Colin has spoken openly about why he didn’t initially come out, raising awareness of the prejudice that LGBT+ people continue to face. If you are looking for an inspirational sportsman who will speak on his experience of coming out in sports, don’t hesitate to hire Colin Jackson for Pride Month 2023.

“The delivery and content of his presentation was excellent. I have rarely, if ever, met anyone who is so generous with his time with every single person he meets. He has that rare ability to make each one feel so special. Nothing is too much for Colin, his rapport with both children and adults is obvious from the moment he arrives.”Herts Youth Games Association

Anita Asante

Having made over 75 appearances for England and Great Britain, Anita Asante is famed for her talent as a footballer. Having been signed to clubs such as Aston Villa and Chelsea, Anita has marked her prominence as a powerful footballer. Having marked such prominence, Anita has also committed time to acting as an Ambassador for Show Racism The Red Card and Amnesty International UK. Now booked as a passionate speaker, when she is not discussing the intricacies of international football Anita is found promoting gender, racial and LGBT+ equality in sport – sharing her personal experience after coming out as gay.

As an inspirational LGBT+ sportswoman, Anita is regularly seen speaking out on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion in sports for the likes of Sky Sports and The FA. A strong believer that younger generations hold the key to better LGBT+ acceptance, Anita often speaks on the importance of allyship and open discussions on LGBT+ acceptance. If you are looking to create the next generation of LGBT+ advocates and allies, don’t hesitate in hiring Anita Asante for Pride Month 2023 events.

“We were delighted to be joined by Anita Asante at our flagship fundraising event, a football tournament now in its 10th year. Anita was simply fantastic; she chatted with our 350+ guests, shared some brilliant words of encouragement as the players all went out to the pitches, inspired us during the Q&A session and made the winning team’s night by presenting the trophy. The booking process was seamless and they gave us the chance to have a call with Anita before the event, which was a great chance to connect and answer her questions.”Street League

Stephen K Amos

Renowned comedian and entertainer, Stephen K Amos is a stalwart of the international comedy circuit. Having performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Stephen has been honoured as the Best International Comedian and claimed a Royal Television Society Award. Revered for his hilarious observational humour, Stephen has built a strong following, who also idolise him for his advocacy for anti-racism and LGBT+ support.

Living openly as a gay man, Stephen often speaks out on how he is happy to be living in an era where you can see change happening in regard to LGBT+ inclusion and legislation. Having lived through a time when being gay was tough and restricted, Stephen is dedicated to making the world a better place for future generations of the LGBT+ community. Empowering others to reveal their true sexuality or gender identity, Stephen is hoping that his openness about his identity will improve representation in mainstream media. Don’t miss out on an inspirational speech from Black LGBT+ comedian Stephen K Amos today!

“Stephen was brilliant and received a great reception on Thursday night – they loved him. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the business and I have worked with all the greats over 30 years. Please pass on our thanks. Carers UK say he is a Saint! Stephens interaction with the audience was brilliant… the mark of a great talent. It had been a very emotional evening and I know many who have tried and failed. We will definitely be booking Stephen K Amos again.”National Carers Awards

Andreena Leeanne

A leading self-care workshop facilitator, Andreena Leeanne openly shares her lived experience of sexual abuse, homelessness, mental health issues and life as a member of the LGBT+ community. Author of Charred: A Survivor Speaks Her Truth To Inspire, Andreena is also famed as the Founder of Adult Survivors Open Mic and the Poetry LGBT Open Mic Night. Highly commended for her passionate advocacy for diversity and inclusion, Andreena also shares her time as a Trustee of Action Breaks Silence and Violence Against Women & Children.

Shortlisted for the 2021 Positive LGBT Role Model at the National Diversity Awards, Andreena passionately stresses the importance of inclusion, having experienced first-hand the isolation of being a Black member of the LGBT+ community. Creating safe spaces for individuals from all walks of life, Andreena empowers others to overcome their personal barriers and challenges. When looking for a speaker who will candidly share their personal experience as a member of the Black LGBT+ community, don’t hesitate in hiring Andreena Leeanne for your next Pride Month or LGBT+ event.

“It was fantastic having Andreena come into our office a few weeks ago to talk to our staff about her lived experiences, the impact this has had on her mental health, and her journey of writing poetry to help her manage what she’s been through. There was a huge buzz in the office after her talk and it opened up a lot of conversations about mental health and the importance of looking after one another. Overall it was an inspiring, emotional and empowering talk that gave us all something to think about, and we can’t thank Andreena enough for taking the time to come and speak to us!”Megan, Account Manager, Porter Novelli

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

A dedicated advocate of the Black LGBT+ community, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah is famed as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of UK Black Pride, an organisation that is committed to uniting the Black and LGBT+ communities through a variety of events that spread unity and acceptance. Having also been a passionate Trustee of Stonewall and Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Phyll has committed her career to ensure that the human rights of transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual people are protected and honoured.

Having also formerly worked as the Head of Political Campaigns and Equality for the Public and Commercial Services Union and a Civil Servant in the Department for Work and Pensions, it comes as no surprise that Phyll was the recipient of the Black LGBT Community Award and named European Diversity Awards Campaigner of the Year 2017. Having also been the Grand Marshall of New York Pride and nominated for the Big Society Award 2012, don’t miss out on an influential speech from the Co-Founder of UK Black Pride, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah.

“Phyll is a brilliant and exceptional human rights advocate and is an expert in LGBT+ human rights, intersectionality, race and workers rights and a whole lot more.”Louise, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Advisor, Barnardo’s

Yasmin Benoit

A leading British model breaking stereotypes and diversifying representation in the fashion industry, Yasmin Benoit is a powerful aromantic and asexual advocate. On a mission to diversify the modelling pool, Yasmin is one of the UK’s most prominent black models and is now booked as an eminent Black LGBT+ speaker to share her personal experience of being aromantic and asexual. Creator of #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike, Yasmin created a movement to demonstrate that asexuality has no set identity.

Board Member of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, Yasmin has been rewarded for her advocacy with the Attitude Pride Award 2021. Making headlines as the first openly aromantic-asexual activist to win an LGBT+ award, Yasmin took her advocacy one step further by co-founding International Asexuality Day. Having worked with a vast number of companies, such as the LGBT Stem Conference, the University of Cambridge, Twitter HQ and Kings College London, Yasmin is an influential and inspirational LGBT+ speaker who shouldn’t be missed.

“Yasmin, thank you so much for joining us today! We truly appreciate your time and the opportunity to hear from you. I heard from multiple attendees that they really enjoyed your talk and found it helpful and insightful. We’re excited to share it with more employees via the recording and keep the conversation going here at Uber. On behalf of the Pride at Uber resource group, happy Pride Month, and also thank you for the important work you do and the changes you’ve made and advocated for the LGBTQIA+ community. It was such an honour to get to hear from you today.”Uber

Karamo Brown

Culture Expert of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Karamo Brown has enjoyed a successful career in the limelight of television fame. Throughout his successful career, Karamo has used his prominence as a force for good, advocating for increased awareness of HIV and mental health amongst the Black LGBT+ community. Making headlines as the first openly gay Black man on reality TV, Karamo is famed for starring on The 5th Wheel, The Real World: Philadelphia and Are You The One: Second Chances. In addition to starring on television, Karamo has also forged his success as a bestselling author, releasing the titles Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope and I Am Perfectly Designed.

When he is not starring in television programmes, Karamo can be found avidly supporting charities, such as his role as a Health and Wellness Ambassador for the National Black Justice Coalition. He is also the Co-Founder of, an organisation that is committed to eliminating the stigma surrounding HIV and providing support to the LGBT+ community. Additionally, Karamo commits time to being a Youth Ambassador for the Los Angeles LGBT Centre and ran the Positively Fearless campaign – earning the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award and recognition on the Ebony Power 100 List. If you are looking to spread positive messages on HIV education and LGBT+ support for Pride Month 2023, book passionate Black LGBT+ speaker Karamo Brown.

Briana Scurry

A true icon of women’s football, Briana Scurry has forged a successful career as a Goalkeeper, who has played a record 173 times for America. Over the course of her career, Briana has claimed an impressive two Gold Olympic medals and helped her team to win the coveted Women’s World Cup title in 1999. A trailblazer in women’s football, Briana has been rewarded for her achievements by being inducted into the USA’s National Soccer Hall of Fame – making headlines as the first female goalkeeper and the first Black woman to be inducted. Passionate about inclusion in sports, Briana shares her personal story of being the only openly gay player on the US Women’s National Team.

An advocate for LGBT+ acceptance and awareness, Briana often promotes that ‘inclusion is so important and being an ally’ in her speeches as a powerful Black LGBT+ speaker. Promoting the importance of allies, Briana empowers inclusion in all walks of life – from the football pitch to the workplace. Having marked her prominence as a footballer in the history books, Briana is making waves as an LGBT+ role model, eliminating stigma and stereotypes one step at a time. If you are looking to promote the importance of inclusion and allies this Pride Month, hire Briana Scurry today.

“Briana Scurry is a passionate, enthusiastic and effective speaker with a unique ability to draw an audience in and leave a lasting impression. The US Soccer Foundation is proud to work with Briana. This past year, Briana attended and spoke at a few of our events that featured some of our largest partners. Not only did she give remarks, but she stayed and interacted with our guests, which helped us continue to solidify and grow our relationships. We look forward to working with Briana in the future and growing our impact nationwide – together.” – Ed, President & CEO, US Soccer Foundation

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