Black Inclusion Week

The Top 10 Trending Keynote Speakers for Black Inclusion Week 2024

Black Inclusion Week is a transformative event promoting collective action for a more inclusive, equitable world. In a world where over 109K racially motivated hate crimes are reported annually, now is the time to take action to make the world a more inclusive place.

“Empowered for change, building a better future together”

What is Black Inclusion Week & Why is it Celebrated?

Black Inclusion Week is a dedicated observance that promotes unity, understanding and a commitment to change in addressing the challenges faced by Black people. It aims to strengthen community bonds through mutual support and care, encouraging active participation in eradicating racism and fostering Black inclusion. The week celebrates the achievements and societal impacts of Black individuals in the UK, while also empowering individuals and organisations with tools and resources for tangible progress.

When is Black Inclusion Week Celebrated?

Black Inclusion Week is celebrated annually, taking place from the 8th to the 14th of May in 2024.

What is the theme of Black Inclusion Week?

The theme of Black Inclusion Week 2024 is Empowered for Change: Building a Better Future Together. This theme has been selected to prove the importance of collective action and shared responsibility in shaping the world around us.

What Topics Can Black Inclusion Week Events Include?

  • Financial inclusion for the Black community
  • Empowering Black women
  • Empowering & supporting Black businesses
  • Enhancing progression & inclusion of Black colleagues

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Who are the Top Speakers to Hire for Black Inclusion Week Events?

Following exclusive feedback from over 155 events themed around Black Inclusion Week, here at The BAME Speakers Agency, we have collated our official selection of the top 10 trending keynote speakers for Black Inclusion Week 2024!

Nicola Adams

The First Female Boxer to Become a Double Olympic Champion

Nicola Adams is an exemplary choice for a speaker at Black Inclusion Week events, embodying resilience, success and representation. As a decorated Olympic and professional boxer, Nicola has broken significant barriers in sports, becoming a symbol of triumph over adversity – with her journey as a Black, LGBT+ sportswoman marked by overcoming racial and homophobic abuse. As the first female boxer to become a double Olympic champion, winning Gold at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, Nicola’s experiences and her stance against discrimination resonate profoundly, inspiring progressive change and inclusivity.

Kanya King

The Founder of the MOBO Awards

Kanya King is a motivational Black female speaker, famed as the founder and CEO of the MOBO Awards. Championing diversity and inclusion, Kanya has transformed the music and entertainment industry with her efforts to increase the recognition of Black artists. Transforming the MOBO Awards into a globally esteemed platform, achieving the appointment of CBE and recognition as one of Britain’s Most Influential Black People, such accolades underscore Kanya’s influence. Kanya’s advocacy for diverse teams in what she calls the ‘decade of opportunity’ aligns perfectly with the objectives of Black Inclusion Week, making her an inspiring and relevant speaker for such events.

David Olusoga

British Historian & Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester

David Olusoga, a distinguished Black British historian, author and TV presenter, has made insightful contributions to understanding black history – including deep dives into the Windrush scandal, slavery and the British Empire. David’s journey from Nigeria to the UK, marked by overcoming racial adversities, offers a powerful narrative of resilience and determination. His celebrated documentaries, like “The World’s War” and “Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners” and numerous publications underscore his authority in Black British history. His ability to articulate the persistent issues of systemic racism, drawing from personal experiences and historical insights, makes him an ideal speaker for promoting inclusion at Black Inclusion Week events.

June Sarpong

The Former Director of Creative Diversity for the BBC & Founder of Diversify Work

June Sarpong‘s prominence as a TV personality and political activist, especially on shows like “Loose Women”, has provided her a platform to discuss critical issues, including diversity and representation. Her co-founding of the WIE Network and her dedication to addressing inequalities in race, ethnicity and sexuality further showcase her expertise in these areas. With roles such as the Director of Creative Diversity for the BBC and Founder of Diversify Work lining her resume, June is committed to sharing her passionate and informed perspective on equality and fair representation, especially for people from BAME backgrounds in the media. Her ability to engage and inspire diverse audiences makes her an exemplary choice for Black Inclusion Week events.

Viv Anderson

The First Black Footballer to Play for England’s Senior Men’s National Team

Viv Anderson, a trailblazing former footballer for Nottingham Forest, Manchester United and Arsenal, not only made history on the field but also faced significant racial challenges during the ’70s and ’80s as the first Black player to represent England. A sought-after keynote speaker for Black Inclusion Week events, Viv’s talks provide a compelling insight into the struggles and triumphs of a Black athlete in an era rife with racism. His perspective as a pioneer in sports inclusion and diversity, combined with his firsthand experiences of discrimination, makes him an influential and inspiring figure for discussions on racial equality and inclusion in sports and beyond.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

The Co-Founder of UK Black Pride & Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah is the Co-founder of UK Black Pride and an individual who offers a wealth of experience and passion in activism for both the Black and LGBT+ communities. Phyll has established herself as a leading voice in promoting intersectionality, equality and inclusion, with her background as a civil servant and her roles in various organisations like the Public and Commercial Services Union, Stonewall and the Kaleidoscope Trust highlighting her deep understanding of the systemic challenges faced by diverse communities. Her ability to unite and inspire people through her messages of solidarity and awareness of societal issues makes her an invaluable asset for events focusing on Black inclusion and beyond.

Patrick Vernon

Founder of the Windrush Justice Fund, Social Commentator & Political Activist

Patrick Vernon is a renowned health activist, social commentator and cultural historian, who has a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding Black British history and the Windrush scandal. Patrick’s history of advocacy, particularly in the Windrush campaign, underscores his dedication to racial equality and social justice. His successful petition for the amnesty of Windrush Children, which received widespread support, is a testament to his influence and ability to mobilise for change. As an appointed Race Equalities Advisor and editor of prominent Black history publications, Patrick has demonstrated his diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise. His ability to convey intricate issues in a relatable way would provide invaluable insights during Black Inclusion Week.

Lord Simon Woolley

Founder & Director of Operation Black Vote, Former Chair of the UK Government Race Disparity Unit Advisory Group

Lord Simon Woolley, a prominent figure in British politics, is an ardent advocate for racial equality and the celebrated Founder of Operation Black Vote. His career has been marked by significant contributions to addressing racial disparities in various sectors, including health, education and employment. Simon’s journey in politics began with Charter 88 and led him to pivotal roles such as Chair of the UK Government Race Disparity Unit Advisory Group and Principal of Homerton College, Cambridge University. His achievements have earned him recognition on the Powerlist, an honorary doctorate and a Knighthood for services to race equality. As a speaker, Lord Woolley captivates audiences with his insights on race inequalities and his dedication to increasing ethnic diversity in UK politics.

Asif Sadiq

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Warner Bros. Discovery

Asif Sadiq, a renowned figure in the field of diversity and inclusion, has significantly influenced numerous global brands, including Adidas and The Telegraph. With a career dedicated to fostering equality in workplaces, Asif has earned multiple accolades, including an MBE and an Honorary Doctorate from The Open University. His early work with the City of London Police introduced groundbreaking equality strategies, and his consultancy for the United Nations against hate crime further highlights his commitment to racial equality. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Equity and Inclusion at WarnerMedia, Asif is an influential keynote speaker, particularly on Black Inclusion, where he shares insights and strategies for tangible change in racial equality in the workplace.

Pauline Miller

Chief Equity Officer EMEA of Dentsu International

Pauline Miller, currently the Chief Equity Officer of EMEA of Dentsu International, is renowned for implementing diverse and inclusive strategies in the business world, boasting extensive experience in the financial and banking sectors. Including pivotal roles at Barclays and State Street Bank, Pauline’s career has seen her become a prominent advocate for the inclusion of all, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. She is known for creating the Dive In Festival at Lloyd’s, promoting diversity in the insurance sector. As an Advisory Board Member for the United Nations Foundation Girl Up, she advocates for the inclusion of all. Having faced racism and inequality herself, Pauline is an influential voice in raising awareness about BAME issues and the necessity to combat unconscious bias and racism.

Lord John Taylor

The Third Person of Afro-Caribbean Origin to Enter the House of Lords

Lord John Taylor of Warwick, a trailblazer in British politics, stands out as an influential figure for Black Inclusion Week. He began his career as a barrister, later transitioning into politics as a Conservative MP and Councillor for Solihull Metropolitan Borough. His notable achievements include establishing the UK’s first DNA Database and becoming the first Black peer in the House of Lords in 1996. Beyond politics, John has diversified into business, serving in roles such as Vice-President of the British Board of Film Classification and founding the Warwick Leadership Academy, in addition to being the first Black British Chancellor of Bournemouth University. John Taylor’s presence at Black Inclusion Week is symbolic of his achievements and serves as an inspiration and a call to action for greater inclusivity in all walks of life.

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