Bokani Tshidzu

Featured on BBC Big Painting Challenge Advocate for social and environmental issues. Appeared on BBC's The Big Painting Challenge

  • Featured on BBC Big Painting Challenge
  • Advocate for social and environmental issues
  • Masters degree in Fine Art

Bokani Tshidzu is widely known for her talents as an abstract painter and artist, who rose to fame after appearing on the BBC programme The Big Painting Challenge. From the very start, Bokani pleased audiences with her unique and diverse talent, winning the public vote in the first week. Today, Bokani is breaking new ground with her talents as an artist, exploring new mediums of virtual art and augmented reality to create incredible displays of digital art. Bokani is also widely known for using her art as a platform to bring awareness to prominent social and environmental issues prevalent in today’s society, in particular describing herself as a climate campaigner.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, Bokani’s inspirational story epitomises overcoming a challenging childhood. After moving to London as a teenager, Bokani found her feet in the country’s capital. In 2009 she graduated from the University of Bath after studying politics with economics, going on to work for top politicians such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. She also worked for a period of time in investment banking, all experiences that have allowed Bokani to build a broad skillset and hone excellent communication skills. Bokani later went on to found a successful sustainability consultancy. The company ultimately turned into an enterprise software company, before Bokani left to focus her interests elsewhere. Despite leaving her company, Bokani continues to be an advocate for environmental and social issues to champion their missions.

Currently, Bokani is studying at Goldsmith College for a Master’s degree in fine art. After appearing on The Big Painting Challenge, Bokani is now fortunate to live and work in London with her unique and eye-catching pieces displayed in some of the top exhibitions across the globe. Through her work, Bokani is passionate to deliver complex messages to the general public, predominantly issues regarding pressing social and environmental problems. Her work is easily identifiable by the vibrant colours, unique themes and motives. Inspired by the integrity, honesty and freedom of abstract painting, Bokani uses the medium to truly express her feelings.

Painting has played a major part in Bokani’s life, helping her to overcome many trauma’s she has faced in her life. After losing both of her parents as a child, Bokani has used the medium to express her grief whilst also sharing various things such as black African heritagefemale identity and belonging. She is particularly interested in climate change, frequently seen creating pieces that push the importance of a new response to nature. Her digital art uses new powerful technologies, including artificial intelligence and computer visioning, to fuse the worlds of traditional arts with the modern world.

With a passionate and important message, Bokani is the perfect inspirational speaker to have talk at your event. Advocating social and environmental issues through her work, Bokani covers a variety of elements through talks and online presentations bringing a warm and charismatic delivery to each event she attends. A champion of black art, Bokani is also helping to create a more diverse and inclusive world, covering such topics in her speaking addresses.

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