Raj Adgopul

TEDx Speaker & Life Coach Who Draws on His Challenging Upbringing in a Poverty-Stricken Village in Central India

  • TEDx Speaker
  • Lost his father to alcohol intoxication at the age of two
  • For four years he had a personal space of 6ft by 3ft in Mumbai
  • Came to the UK with just £5

When Raj Adgopul is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Slum Survival Mindset
Re-imagine the Impossible Everyday
Village Life: England and India Compared
An Immigrant’s Experience of England
Appreciation Redefined

Raj Adgopul is an accomplished TEDx Speaker and life coach who draws on his challenging upbringing in a poverty-stricken village in Central India to motivate and inspire his clients. Candidly speaking about his tragic life experiences, such as the loss of his father to alcohol intoxication at the age of two and the subsequent neglect and abuse that he suffered whilst living with his stepfather in his formative years, Raj delivers truly impactful presentations that move his audience into action. As such, he is a highly regarded speaker on the topics of overcoming adversity, mental resilience, and motivation, as well as sharing personal anecdotes.

During those heart-breaking childhood events, Raj developed severe mental disorders, which would later be diagnosed by a professional as an emotionally unstable personality, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet despite all that, he picked himself up, overcame several barriers and moved to Mumbai to build a career in the healthcare profession. With little money, Raj could only afford to live in an overcrowded apartment, which he shared with 23 other people. Those living arrangements left him with a personal space of only 6ft by 3ft and he had to endure them for four years. In those challenging circumstances, Raj would develop unshakable resilience and successfully establish himself as a medical professional.

In 2002, his patience was rewarded when an opportunity to work in the UK arose. Raj arrived at his new home with just £5 in his pocket and again had to dig deep to overcome his new circumstances. Using his unwavering resilience, he quickly established himself as an accomplished healthcare professional and would go on to complete a postgraduate qualification in early years child psychology. This was followed by another two postgraduate degrees, including Social Innovation and Leadership and Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Buckingham.

With a powerful desire to help others struggling with adversity and mental health, Raj has now become a leading life coach, helping his clients to develop the skills to overcome adversity and build mental resilience. Moreover, he recently gave a deeply moving TEDx Talk at the O2 stage, to over 1000 people, drawing on his past experiences and offering advice for overcoming adversity. When booked for speaking engagements, he candidly shares his past experiences and articulately speaks on the topics of mental health, overcoming adversity, motivation and developing unshakable resilience.

Official Testimonials

Raj Adgopul is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

I am indeed left with a feeling of gratitude that I live in the UK.

Wonderful talk, very enlightening, made me feel very lucky in life.

Masterclass! Very much enjoyed knowing new facts.

Inspirational talk, humor and compassion mixed, reflective and sensitive.

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