Dr Tru Powell

Co-Founder & CEO of the Black Business Magazine, CEO of the MBCC Awards & Recipient of the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Award

  • Founder of Tru Powell Consultancy & Events Ltd
  • Creative and Events Director at Aston Performing Arts Academy
  • Non-Executive Director at Birmingham Hippodrome
  • Non-Executive Director at TAG Network Midlands Limited
  • Media Social Commentator & a Regular Guest on Good morning Britain (GMB) on ITV

When Dr Tru Powell is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Personal Branding
Thought Leadership

Dr Tru Powell stands out as a transformative figure, known for his inspiring journey from the inner city of Birmingham, UK, to becoming a multi-award-winning creative entrepreneur and publicity expert. Born into a single-parent household with six siblings, Tru’s pathway was never going to be easy, but his passion for creativity and enterprise sparked a resilience and drive that would shape his future. At the tender age of eight, he orchestrated his first talent show, an event that not only showcased his natural business acumen but also planted the seeds for his future endeavours in personal branding, press, and PR. His commitment to nurturing creative entrepreneurs is evident through his dedicated online courses, designed to empower others to harness the power of their personal brands.

Tru’s professional journey is marked by leadership roles that align with his passion for community, diversity, and empowerment. As CEO of the Multicultural Business & Community Champion Awards (MBCC Awards), he has been instrumental in spotlighting the unsung heroes of diversity in the UK. This prestigious event, under Tru’s guidance, draws around 800 attendees annually, reflecting its growing influence. Furthermore, as CEO of the Black Business Magazine, Tru has created an essential conduit for celebrating and bolstering Black businesses, affirming his dedication to racial equality and economic empowerment within the Black community.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Tru’s heart for community shines brightly in his role as a Director for Aston Performing Arts Academy. This initiative, aimed at empowering youth through the arts, has impacted over 3000 young lives, offering a creative outlet and hope in the Midlands since 2004. His directorship at Kandy Girl, the UK’s first children’s spa, further underscores his commitment to creating spaces where young people can feel valued and extraordinary. Admired for his remarkable career success, Tru appears regularly on out television screens as a Media Social Commentator & a Regular Guest on Good morning Britain (GMB) on ITV. Through these ventures, Tru leverages his expertise to mould the next generation of creative entrepreneurs, underscoring his belief in the transformative power of the arts and entrepreneurship.

Recognition for Tru’s contributions is widespread, reflecting his impact across various sectors. He’s served on several boards, including the Birmingham Hippodrome and The West Midlands Regional Tourism Board, and has garnered numerous accolades, such as Birmingham’s Young Professional of the Year and the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Award. These honours not only validate Tru’s professional and creative prowess but also highlight his influential role as a thought leader in business, racial equality, and community enrichment. His life and work serve as compelling proof that adversity can indeed fuel a journey to greatness, inspiring many in his community and beyond.

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