Shaun Flores

TEDx Speaker on Societal & Mental Health Issues, Model for Vogue Italia & Host of the Flower Hour Podcast

  • A prominent influencer spreading inspirational content on lifestyle, mental health, skincare, and well-being
  • Diagnosed with OCD at 27
  • Model for John Lewis, ASOS, UBER, Peloton and Vogue Italia
  • Host of the Flower Hour Podcast

  • 2022- Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at The Diversity Standards Collective
  • 2022- The Failures of Multiculturism
  • 2022- The Straitjacket of Masculinity
  • 2022- Volunteer Advocate at Orchard Therapeutics
  • 2022- Freelance Contributor at the Book of Man
  • 2022- Life Coach at Mindful Talent
  • 2022- Speaking Coach at TEDx SheffieldHallamUniversity
  • 2021- Youth Ambassador for The ONE Campaign
  • 2021- Mental Health Ambassador at Manual
  • 2021- Freelance Educator at The Black Curriculum
  • 2020- Podcaster at ‘Flower Hour’
  • 2019- Freelance Journalist at The Common Sense Network
  • 2018- Trainee Journalist at News Associates

When Shaun Flores is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Diversity and Inclusion
Mental Health & Wellbeing= ADHD, OCD
Mental Resilience
Men’s Health
Culture & Society
Social Mobility
Black History Month
Media & Journalism

Shaun Flores is a highly respected influencer, freelance writer, and model who shares mental health, well-being, and lifestyle content on his social media platforms. Dedicated to educating his audience on the importance of social justice and social equality, he has worked closely with several charities to support vulnerable people in our society struggling with mental health. When looking for a passionate speaker who focuses on topics such as diversity and inclusion, race, culture, and society, look no further than Shaun.

Having been diagnosed with OCD at the age of 27, Shaun was provided with the much-needed answers he required to empower him to learn about the condition and continue living his life to the fullest. Determined to spread awareness, he has chosen to work with several charities and use his online platforms to share the common misconceptions associated with OCD. Respected for sharing his journey, Shaun has also written numerous articles on OCD for well-known publications such as Kindred Magazine, Treat My OCD, The Model Cloud Magazine, and The Book of Man.

As a respected professional, Shaun has delivered two profound TEDx Speeches, the first about the education system and the second focusing on male masculinity and mental health. With plans in place for a third speech to raise money for mental health research, Shaun is admired for his community-driven mindset. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Shaun has been part of many significant events throughout his career, starting with his speech at his master’s graduation ceremony, later followed by a lecture at the Roehampton BAME conference in 2017.

As an influencer aiming to have the right influence in the world, Shaun Flores has been able to model for some of the largest brands throughout the fashion industry, including ASOS, Vogue Italia, and John Lewis. With his expertise stretching over a wide range of topics, he decided to create the ‘Flower Hour’ podcast in 2021. When looking for a respected speaker who is passionate to share his expertise on topics such as diversity and inclusion, culture, and society, do not hesitate in hiring Shaun!

Official Testimonials

Shaun Flores is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“As the lead organiser for TEDxUniversityofSheffield I contacted Shaun to be a speaker curator for our event given his previous broad experience in public speaking. He did an outstanding job coaching our speakers drawing upon his experiences and own strategies, providing them with excitement and motivation. Shaun is a fantastic public speaker with experience in TEDx events and always willing to help, approachable and involved. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Maria, TEDxUniversityofSheffield Lead Organiser

“A true role model, Shaun is an empowering soul that does his up best to be a voice in the world. I met Shaun this year as he was a guest on my online show, he was very authentic and honest with his words and has a lot of value to offer.  Shaun is a gem on this planet and deserves all the opportunities that come his way, he has a great creative way of capturing the audience and sharing deep thinking knowledge and awakening techniques.  Anyone who is lucky enough to meet Shaun will get inspired, he is a unique and kind person.”

Crlrstia, Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker

“Shaun is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for the subject matter is infectious. Almost instantly, people can gain a fresh perspective on important issues that are affecting our everyday lives and transform perception through his effortless skill. Shaun has the deep professional expertise, and it shows. He draws on his own lived experience to illustrate the change that is needed in society today – which he and his work is spearheading. His sessions are packed with illuminating anecdotes, surprising paradoxes, and a refreshing dose of authenticity.  Shaun is a lively and provocative speaker on such sensitive and important topics. He is well-connected and a trusted resource on public speaking, presentations and sessions and opens such important dialogue through his work. It is my pleasure to give Shaun my highest recommendation as a keynote and public speaker. He continues to deliver valuable information and insight in an inspiring manner.”

Annabelle, Emerging Talent Diversity Advisor HSBC

“Shaun is one of those rare speakers capable of provoking thought and stirring emotion. Having invited him onto my BMTstories platform – and had the offer returned with an interview for his podcast series – I have witnessed first-hand his unique ability to probe complex issues and plumb the depths of his own lived experience to share invaluable gems.”

Alain, Founder of BMTstories

“I had the pleasure to see Shaun deliver an incredible talk at the TEDx Sheffield Hallam University 2022. He is a powerful speaker with an incredible presence. Shaun speaks from the heart and his message is unique and authentic. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your next event or conference. He is one of a kind!”

Jose, NLP Master Trainer

To enquire about Shaun Flores for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553.