Tim Campbell

Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Advisor for AMS, Founder & Former Director of the Bright Ideas Trust

  • Winner of the first series of The Apprentice
  • Former Head of Global Citizenship for AMS
  • Board Chair of St Bonaventure’s School
  • Former Mayor’s Ambassador for Training & Enterprise of the Greater London Authority
  • Author of “What’s Your Bright Idea? The Journey to Starting Your Own Business”

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Tim Campbell Book What's Your Bright Idea?
What’s Your Bright Idea? The Journey to Starting Your Own Business

Tim Campbell stands as a beacon of inspiration and influence in the business world. As the Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Advisor for AMS and the first winner of “The Apprentice”, Tim’s journey from a Project Manager at Transport for London to a celebrated business luminary encapsulates a remarkable story of ambition, skill, and transformation. Emerging from the intense competition of “The Apprentice” in 2005, Tim leveraged his newfound prominence to cultivate a diverse and successful career. Initially serving as the Integra Project Director at Amstrad under Lord Alan Sugar, Tim quickly transitioned to entrepreneurial ventures, most notably co-founding the Bright Ideas Trust. This initiative reflects his commitment to social impact, offering support and resources to young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. His work here, coupled with his roles as the Mayor’s Ambassador for Training and Enterprise in London and a school board chair, underscore his dedication not just to business, but to community and education as well.

In his current role at AMS, Tim focuses on strategic diversity and inclusion, areas that are crucial for modern businesses aiming to be both competitive and conscientious. His expertise is broad, having taken on roles that span global citizenship to client services and emerging talent management. His book, “What’s Your Bright Idea? The Journey To Starting Your Own Business” further positions him as a thought leader in entrepreneurship, recognised as one of Amazon’s Top 10 Business Books in 2010.

As a speaker, Tim Campbell brings his rich experiences and insights to a wide array of audiences. Known for his dynamic and engaging presentation style, he covers an extensive range of topics, from effective recruitment strategies to the nuances of social enterprise and business planning. His speeches are not only informative but are designed to empower and inspire action. His ability to connect with his audience, combined with his expertise in areas like social media, fintech and event management, ensures that his presentations provide practical, actionable advice that attendees can immediately apply to their endeavours.

Tim’s influence extends beyond business; as an influential Black businessman, he is a role model to many, demonstrating the impact of leadership, vision and perseverance. His speaking engagements at prestigious venues like the Said Business School and the London School of Business highlight his status as a sought-after voice in business strategy and entrepreneurship. Hiring Tim Campbell for a speaking event guarantees an insightful, inspiring session that not only shares a journey of remarkable business achievements but also ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in every attendee. His story is a testament to the power of vision and the impact of inclusive, innovative leadership in today’s business world.

Official Testimonials

Tim Campbell is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Tim was an excellent speaker. Very interesting story and clearly very passionate about what he does”

Centre for Business

“Please can you pass NCFE’s heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Tim for his contribution to yesterday’s milestone event. His speaking slot was absolutely fantastic, and we really appreciated how much effort he had made to understand our organisation and what we do.”

Lindsay, Head of PR & Communication, NCFE

“Tim was very passionate about his area of work and was very well received by the event delegates”

University of Surrey

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